Vegan restaurants San Jose

Tips for Dining Out as a Vegan in the Bay Area

Exploring Downtown San Jose Restaurants

Finding places with vegan options can be difficult, but with a little research and ingenuity, eating out is easy! Whether you’re a full-time vegan, or you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint and animal product consumption through Meatless Mondays, these tips will help you at restaurants in San Jose.

Check Out Menus Ahead of Time

A vegan’s worst nightmare is showing up at a restaurant to find the only option is an iceberg salad. Google before you go to find the best vegan pizza in San Jose or locate cafes that serve soy milk or dairy- and egg-free treats.

Look for Customizable Menus

Restaurants that allow you to craft your own meals are often vegan friendly. With our build your own pizza option, for example, you can easily transform a dairy-heavy pizza into a plant-based option with our delicious vegan cheese.

Do Some Culinary Tourism

Many cuisines from around the world minimize animal products and offer far more vegan options. Some restaurants, for example, have plenty of dishes that are either already vegan or that can be easily modified if you hold the cheese or fish sauce.

Communicate and Stay Cool

As more people go vegan, restaurants in San Jose are becoming more knowledgeable and willing to work with customers to create enjoyable dining experiences. If there’s nothing vegan on the menu, talk to your server and see if he or she has suggestions. Don’t be afraid to ask if menu items aren’t clearly vegan. Accidentally wind up with a plate full of cheese? Mistakes happen in the kitchen; just offer a friendly reminder of what you ordered, and your server should be able to correct your meal.

Vegan Pizza in San Jose

Vegan is even an option if you love pizza! At Take One Pizza, we have gluten-free and vegan cheese options. Please stop in to see us; we’d be happy to serve you up an absolutely delicious and nutritious vegan pizza!