Top 5 Seasonal Vegetables to Order on Your Pizza

Build Your Own Pizza

Artisan style pizzaWho doesn’t love going out for a slice (or three) of pizza? An artisan style pizza with a hearty crust, savory sauce, and luscious seasonal toppings makes for a meal as complete as it is mouthwatering. Although meats such as pepperoni, sausage, and ham are often popular pizza toppings, vegan pizza lovers need not fear a lack of topping options! When you build your own pizza, incorporating a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables infuses your pie with color, flavor, and vital nutrients. This season, cover your pizza with a plethora of seasonal veggies including:

  • Spinach. The ultimate dark and leafy green, spinach packs plenty of vitamins (including A and C) and other nutrients, such as folic acid, calcium, fiber, and iron.
  • Mushrooms. Try shiitake, Crimini, portabella, or oyster mushrooms in addition to the classic button variety. They’re chewy texture will keep you from missing the meat!
  • Sweet peppers. From green to yellow to red, bell peppers come in a rainbow of colors and a range of flavors.
  • Tomatoes. Technically a fruit, tomatoes nevertheless make the list due to their crucial role as a pizza topping. They’re also full of Lycopene, an antioxidant that is a proven cancer fighter.
  • Serrano peppers. Spice up your pizza with a sprinkling of delicious chili peppers. The capsaicin in peppers relieves pain and clears your sinuses!

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