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What’s Behind the Recent “Build-Your-Own Pizza” Movement?

Discussion from a Build-Your-Own Pizza San Jose Restaurant

Meal customization at restaurants is becoming increasingly popular, and many places are now offering “build-your-own” options. Even some chain restaurants now offer customers much fresher ingredients and higher quality fast food fare than conventional chain restaurants. The goal is simple and smart: enable customers to choose exactly what they want in their meal.

It is this combination of speed and quality that has many people choosing “build-your-own” options over traditional “sit-down” menus. Many innovative Bay Area pizzerias are developing unique takes on this format.

Our Chipotle-style restaurant uses a very similar format for ordering and preparing food. Customers transit through a line choosing the toppings they want on their pizza; within a few minutes, a trained, friendly associate makes it for you fresh and bakes it in an 800° brick oven. In an era when most consumers demand (or at least prefer) a “mass customization” approach to life, businesses have been scrambling to develop systems to meet this need. At Take One, customers can choose from over 40 different toppings, including meatballs, fresh pesto, sriracha sauce, and even vegan cheese!

Come to One of the Best Places for Pizza South San Francisco Has to Offer!

Take One Pizza has developed a fun process that lets our customers create and enjoy delicious customized artisan style pizza. Come on down this afternoon or evening and create your own culinary masterpiece! Browse our menu online and then contact us.