build your own pizza South San Francisco

South San Francisco

Reasons To Love South San Francisco

build your own pizza South San Francisco
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Coined “South City” by the locals, South San Francisco is a booming industrial city with a small-town feel located just south of Brisbane and north of San Bruno, Ca. While South San Francisco may not be as posh as its neighbor with the Golden Gate, it has its own unique charm. As the new artisan style pizza joint in town, here are some reasons why we love South San Francisco!

  • It’s home to the biotechnology giant Genentech, which declared South San Francisco the “Birthplace of Biotechnology”
  • Commercial rents are about half of what are generally found in San Francisco! Thus, you’ll find many more mom-and-pop shops and restaurants
  • There are lots of recreational areas and hiking trails. The most notable landmark in the city is Sign Hill which features painted letters that read, “SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO THE INDUSTRIAL CITY”
  • Travelling is a breeze! South San Francisco has its own BART station and is located just minutes from the San Francisco International Airport.
  • It’s conveniently located near major Bay Area cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose

Build Your Own Pizza In South San Francisco!

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