Downtown San Jose Pizza

Pairing Beer with Pizza

The Great Combo of Pizza and Beer in Downtown San Jose or South SF

Like pairing cheese with wine or chocolate with peanut butter, there’s something indescribable about the wonderful marriage of frosty beer and hot pizza in South San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, or Antarctica. Whether you enjoy vegetarian, margherita, or meat-topped pizza, an ideal alcoholic complement is waiting to join the table.

How to Pair Beer with Pizza

Almost any beer pairs well with pizza, as any college student who’s enjoyed the pizza beer downtown San Jose experience will tell you. But some matches work better than others. Although pairing beer with pizza isn’t an exact science, the following examples will give you a good head start:

Belgian Style Witbier. Perfect for gourmet pizzas topped with seafood or chicken. Popular brands like Blue Moon Belgian White bring out the flavors of fresh pizza.

IPA. Otherwise known as India Pale Ale, IPA beers are expertly crafted and contain strong flavors. When paired with artisan style pizza topped with pepperoni, an IPA balances out the mild spices of the meat to create an enjoyable, and very tasty, experience.

Lager. The adventurous few who enjoy pineapple and ham pizza delight in the ideal pairing of lager. From domestic selections like Budweiser to craft lagers, this type of beer brings out the smokiness in bacon and ham while accenting the sweetness of fresh pineapple.

Enjoy an Ale and Some Pizza in South San Francisco or San Jose!

The South San Francisco and downtown San Jose pizza scenes are replete with worn-out restaurants offering the same tired menu. If you’re looking to pair pizza and beer and you want a new take on traditional pies, stop by one of our locations for a build-your-own pizza. You can reach us by phone in San Jose at 408-998-2531 or in South San Francisco at 650-952-3255.