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Tips for Eating Gluten-Free at Restaurants

Insight from a San Jose and South San Francisco Pizza Joint

Over the past five years, the number of people avoiding gluten has skyrocketed. In acknowledgement of this “healthy eating” trend, many Bay Area establishments have added gluten-free menu items. Some have even created dedicated gluten-free menus to accommodate diner needs. Whether you have chosen to eat gluten-free because you’ve embraced a paleo or vegan lifestyle, or you have a medically diagnosed gluten allergy, such as celiac, follow these tips from a downtown San Jose pizza place for eating out while maintaining your gluten-free diet.

  • Call ahead of time. Ask the restaurant about their allergen policies, and find out whether they have specific protocols in place for ensuring that dishes are fully gluten-free. If you are concerned about cross-contamination or unsure about a restaurant’s policies or preparation practices, always seek clarification.
  • Try specialty restaurants. Health-focused establishments, including vegetarian and vegan restaurants, are usually accustomed to special requests from diners. These restaurants may be able to more easily accommodate a gluten-free request while maintaining standards for health, safety, and taste.
  • Request that your preparer change gloves, if you are highly sensitive to gluten. In fast food establishments, like Subway or Chipotle, ask your cook or food prep to exchange gloves to make sure that your food is not cross-contaminated.
  • Always be polite. If a restaurant that does not normally accommodate gluten-free needs makes an exception for you, be very gracious and tip well.

Our South SF and San Jose Gluten-Free Restaurants Can Meet Your Requests

If you want to be sure your dinner is truly free of gluten, dine at a restaurant that has established and trusted gluten-free options and cooking procedures. Take One Pizza prides itself on being a gluten-free restaurant for customers who request it be one. We offer a delicious gluten-free pizza crust that can meet your dietary requirements and provide essential nutrients and calories to keep you sated and ready for your day (or evening). Contact us or stop by our San Jose or South San Francisco location today!