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5 Ways the Build-Your-Own Pizza Trend Pleases People of All Palates

San Jose Pizzeria can Satisfy Picky Eaters and Pizza Lovers Alike

The build-your-own pizza trend is sweeping the nation. With high-heat ovens and the promise of low cook times, companies are targeting a fresh customer base that wants ease and customization.

Here are five ways that build-your-own pizza chains appeal to the new generation of pizza eaters.

  1. Quick and easy. Because of our high-paced society, much of many people’s food budget is spent on fast food or take-out. High-heat ovens make the pizza cooking process faster, and some chains claim their pizza can be cooked in three minutes or less. This means pizza places can break into the fast food market.
  2. Customization. Pizza is easier than ever to customize “en masse” thanks to new cooking and serving technologies. Pizza also contains elements from all the food groups.
  3. It goes with (practically) everything. Pizza is a perfect partner for diverse occasions. “Movies and pizza” and “pizza and beer” are two time-honored combinations. Pizza is a party dish and a beloved American meal. In our take-out culture, you want to sell a product that supplements any experience.
  4. It’s trendy. The popularity of build-your-own pizza has exploded, along with gluten free and low carb/Paleo living. Expect exotic innovations on the traditional pizza forms in the months and years ahead.
  5. Staying connected has its benefits. Regular pizza consumers can enjoy serious rewards and discounts by staying in touch with their favorite brands through apps, websites, and email lists.

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