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Pizza Toppings from Around the World

Artisan Style Pizza Across The Globe

As pizzerias compete for dinnertime business in South San Francisco, restaurateurs the city over are looking to global culinary traditions for inspiration. If you’re one of those build your own pizza types, who loves to experiment with curious mixes, check out the following eccentric treasures:

In Russia’s seafaring regions, pizza chefs often use toppings like sardines, salmon, mackerel, herring and tuna — sometimes all on the same pie! San Francisco natives are not ones to shy away from seafood, but that pizza combination could be a little over the top.

Japan also has inspired some amazingly fishy pizzas, including hugely popular eel and squid pizzas. Japanese chefs also make liberal use of land-based toppings. Consider one popular dish that features a bacon, potato and mayonnaise mash up that the Japanese call Mayo Jaga.

Down under in Australia, they take the concept of “wild” pizza toppings to the next level by cooking pies with kangaroo, crocodile, and emu meat!

India also serves curiosities, such as sheep and pickled ginger pies.

In France – the birthplace of many exotic and exquisite egg and cheese centered cooking – you can find pizzas with all sorts of egg-y toppings, including hardboiled eggs, eggs baked on top, sunny side up eggs, etc.

And in Brazil, in addition to tossing down caipirinhas, locals often add peas to their pizzas. (A yummy, if odd, addition… but your kids might not even notice the extra veggies!)

Build Your Own Pizza Tonight!

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