Why Build Your Own Pizza is the Perfect College Food

Fast Casual Pizza – Build Your Own

Among the many types of food college students enjoy, pizza might be the most popular. The delicious, versatile dish appears everywhere from floor meetings to cram sessions, providing much-needed comfort and nourishment.

build your own pizza san joseWhen it comes to downtown San Jose pizza options for college students, “build your own pizza” restaurants present the perfect option for hungry scholars with discriminating tastes. The success of fast casual pizza occurs due to various factors, including:

Health benefits. Individuals seeking a more wholesome pizza can choose thin-crust (to keep carbs down) and plenty of healthy fats, protein and veggies. It’s the perfect food to help students power through study sessions and those dreaded all-nighters.

Dietary restrictions. Customers with food intolerances or preferences can build their own gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan pizza by skipping ingredients that could cause adverse effects.

Selective eaters. Whether in a group of two or twelve, pizza aficionados rarely all enjoy the same toppings. Rather than subject the whole group to one person’s love of anchovies or onions, everyone gets to tailor their pizza to their own tastes.

Affordability. As far as college foods go, few are as cost-effective as pizza. Ordering in bulk often provides customers with further discounts, allowing them to feed the masses on the cheap.

It’s Fun! Build your own pizza is the perfect excuse to get your friends together and go out!

Pizza in Downtown San Jose

Are you looking forward to the opportunity to build your own artisan pizza? San José’s Take One Pizza is the destination of choice for college students. Stop in today to create your perfect pie.