5 Reasons to Love Fast Casual Pizza

Healthy, Fast, Artisan Pizza In The Bay Area

fast casual pizzaAre you hankering for fast casual pizza? Is your mouth watering after seeing a cooking show about Bay Area artisan style pizzas?

If so, you are not alone!

In fact, the “build your own pizza” trend is booming not just here in the Bay Area, but also throughout the country. Even people who’ve hopped on the “gluten-free” bandwagon are not immune from the charms of artisanal pizza. Why? Because it’s more wholesome, yummy, and healthier than the stale pies served at the big chains.

Five reasons to love this trend:

1. It’s fast.
Pizza is a street food – it should not take you an hour to get to gobble up the yummy goodness. Our pizzas are fired at 800 degrees so they’re ready to eat in just 5 minutes!

2. You’re in control.
The days of “do you want pepperoni or not?” are long gone. Customizable pizzas allow you to choose from a cornucopia of delicious ingredients and make your pie just how you like it. Arugula? Blue cheese? You got it!

3. It’s fun!
Whether you’re planning a date night or a birthday party with your college friends, make your own pizza is a sure-fire win.

4. It’s healthier (potentially!)
Maybe you’re on the “low carb/paleo” bandwagon, for instance. Not a problem! Top our thin-crust pizza with lots of yummy, healthy meats and vegetables. Or, try our vegan cheese and gluten-free crust! Our toppings are also ripe and fresh.

5. You get serious bang for the buck.
The Bay Area is expensive enough as is – our great artisanal pizza is both terrific AND affordable. A one topping pizza starts at $6.95!

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