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Tips for Eating Gluten-Free at Restaurants

Insight from a San Jose and South San Francisco Pizza Joint

Over the past five years, the number of people avoiding gluten has skyrocketed. In acknowledgement of this “healthy eating” trend, many Bay Area establishments have added gluten-free menu items. Some have even created dedicated gluten-free menus to accommodate diner needs. Whether you have chosen to eat gluten-free because you’ve embraced a paleo or vegan lifestyle, or you have a medically diagnosed gluten allergy, such as celiac, follow these tips from a downtown San Jose pizza place for eating out while maintaining your gluten-free diet.

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Pizza Restaurants Downtown San Jose

What’s Behind the Recent “Build-Your-Own Pizza” Movement?

Discussion from a Build-Your-Own Pizza San Jose Restaurant

Meal customization at restaurants is becoming increasingly popular, and many places are now offering “build-your-own” options. Even some chain restaurants now offer customers much fresher ingredients and higher quality fast food fare than conventional chain restaurants. The goal is simple and smart: enable customers to choose exactly what they want in their meal.

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